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Updated: May 13, 2021

It is time for everyone to start thinking about who we can ask to purchase a Banner!  We ask that every player help to secure at lease one business!  Banners are for one a great fundraiser for our program but two a great way for businesses to VISIBLY support our hard working players and get advertising at the same time!  

Ask your employer, dentist, insurance salesman, favorite restaurant.... the possibilities are endless!!  We are lucky enough to have Rodney Anderson back to help us with our banners this year! We would love for you to get the sale yourself and if you do let Rodney know but...If you aren't comfortable doing the "selling" he is willing to do the hard work for you!    Just send the leads his way!  Basically you can send the people or businesses directly to him that are ready to buy or give him the contact info and he will reach out!  He will do the selling, take payment etc!   If you have any questions reach out to Rodney directly at: or call  (505)259-7520 



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