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Updated: May 13, 2021

Monday June 10th Players need to report to Lightning Bolt Stadium ready to go by 7am! If you have not received word that your player is on the coaches cleared list they should still come.  They may not be able to participate but they will be there to listen and get information that they would otherwise miss.  

Some of you have peeler card money due tomorrow!  There will be a Booster Club representative there starting at 6:30 am to take in money.  You can still pay online on our website. You can find the PRE-PAY FUNDRAISING tab under BOOSTERS in the menu or you can get there with this link.

Remember we need your help spreading the word about the Youth Camp coming up!  Share with all your family and friends and coworkers!!  Let's make this the most successful camp yet!

July will bring our Annual Golf Tournament! Put a team of 4 together for a fun day for a great cause! If golf isn't your thing we are asking everyone to at least secure a hole sponsor! You can find a golf tournament tab in the menu on our website or just follow this link!

Let us know if you have any questions!  



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